Batching of Waterlox® Products on Large Projects

When finishing larger projects, such as floors, you may need to use multiple cans of product for one coat. When more than one can is needed per coat, it’s always best to blend all necessary cans together in a suitable container (i.e. a 5-gallon bucket) before starting the job. This is called batching and will eliminate switching cans in the middle of a coat. This helps to keep the color and gloss consistent across the entire coat.

All Waterlox products under go quality control to keep them as consistent as possible, however, differences in mixing, drying conditions or application thickness may result in slight differences if you start and stop coating in the middle of a coat. By batching cans of Waterlox, the mixing and application is one consistent pass over the entire surface of the project.

Spread rates

Note the spread rates of the particular products you are using and blend enough product to complete an entire coat. Check the Product Calculator for help in determining how much product is needed for the project.

Buffer applied coatings
Our UNIVERAL Tung Oil Sealer and TRUETONE® products are high solids and have very high spread rates at 600-800 sq. ft. per QUART, per coat. The UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer contains no pigmentation, so batching is less critical, but still recommended. For the TRUETONE® Color Infused Tung Oils, it is best to blend any necessary cans together to ensure good consistent color across the entire project. Mix the product in the can and mix again after combining all the cans together.

For example, if you are finishing 1,200 sq. ft. of flooring with our TRUETONE® Color Infused Tung Oil, you should use at least 2 quarts of product:

1,200 sq.ft. ÷ 600 sq.ft./Quart=2 Quarts

Other Waterlox Finishes
Our traditional sealers as well as the ORIGINAL, H2OLOX®, MARINE, and URETHANE lines all have a spread rate of 500 sq. ft. per GALLON per coat. Some products do not need to be shaken or stirred, so read the label for more information. If needed, stir the container before combining and then mix again to ensure a uniform mixture.

For example, if you are putting the H2OLOX® Satin Finish over the TRUETONE® Color-Infused Tung Oil from the previous example (1,200 sq. ft.), you will need about 2.5 gallons of Finish per coat.

1,200 sq.ft. ÷ 500 sq.ft./Gallon=2.4 Gallons

For the recommended 2 coats, you’ll need 2.5 gallons per coat and these should be batched together. You will need at least 5 total gallons to complete the project.

TIP: Occasionally stir your blended products throughout the application process to keep everything well mixed and uniform.