Applying Waterlox ORIGINAL finishes over 100% Pure Tung Oil

Waterlox ORIGINAL products are compatible with 100% PURE Tung Oil; provided the PURE Tung Oil has been applied and cured for over 30 days.

If unsure, one method of testing for PURE Tung oil is to apply a drop of ammonia to a small, inconspicuous area. Cover the drop with something hollow to prevent the evaporation of the ammonia (e.g.: Dixie® cup, shot glass, etc.) The ammonia will not only yellow, but will eventually wrinkle the film if it is an oil.

To prepare the surface for re-coating with Waterlox ORIGINAL Sealer & Semi-Gloss Finish (TB 5284), clean the surface with regular mineral spirits or paint thinner and allow to dry completely. After the surface is dry, buff with a maroon pad or a white maintenance pad for larger jobs or 0000 steel wool or 320-grit sandpaper for smaller jobs. Wipe down the surface with regular mineral spirits or paint thinner a second time.

To be sure the surface is ready to be re-coated, we recommend conducting a cross-hatch test to check for adhesion before beginning the entire project.

After the surface is prepared, re-coat with the Waterlox ORIGINAL finishing system; as described for the project. (One coat of 100% PURE Tung Oil is not considered a coat for the finishing system. If however, 2-3 coats of PURE Tung Oil were applied, that would be considered one coat.)