• Introducing Waterlox Pure Tung Oil

    100% pure tung oil with no additives. The perfect finish for non-working wood surfaces that do not require a protective film.
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    Waterlox Pure Tung Oil
  • Crystal clear urethane finishes

    Waterlox Urethanes provide rock-hard, non-ambering protection for your wood floors, countertops and woodwork.
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    Waterlox Urethane Finishes
  • Waterlox sample kits

    Try all of our tung oil sealers and finishes in sample sizes. Experiment to find your perfect finish!
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    Sample Kit
  • Premium tung oil finishes in color

    Enhance the color and grain of your next wood project with TrueTone Color-Infused Tung Oil.
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    True Tone Color-Infused Tung Oil
  • Let wood be beautiful

    Waterlox Resin-Modified Tung Oils preserve the authenticity and inherent beauty of wood.

    Let wood be beautiful.
  • The finish wood enthusiasts prefer

    We’ve been making handmade wood finishes since 1910 using the best ingredients with our original family formula.

    Over 100 years
  • The right cleaner for any situation

    Safely clean Waterlox-finished wood surfaces with our two effective cleaners. Learn more >


Sealers & Finishes

Original Sealers and Finishes

Waterlox Original Sealers & Finishes bring out the beauty in floors, cabinets, countertops, furniture pieces and woodworking projects, while providing premium protection.

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Color-Infused Tung Oil

True Tone Color-Infused Tung Oil

NEW! Our buff-in, color-infused tung oil enhances the color of wood, while providing a protective matte finish. Our 11 shades are easy to maintain, low odor and VOC compliant in all 50 states.

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Sealers & Finishes

Marine Sealers and Finishes

Waterlox Marine Sealers & Finishes preserve the integrity of the wood for marine and outdoor finishing projects, while providing premium protection against harsh weather.

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Waterlox accessories supply you with the tools you need to complete your wood finishing project with ease and precision. Get all the materials you need to complete your project in one place.

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