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Waterlox vs. Raw Oil or “Danish” Oil

Look at how Waterlox compares to "Danish" oil.

  • Waterlox Dries faster
  • Tough enough to walk on.
  • Water and chemical resistant
    (alcohol and alkali)


Compare Waterlox

Raw oils or “Danish” oils penetrate into the wood pores but do not really protect the wood. Finishes in this category are not difficult to apply, but they offer little or no protection to the wood substrate and can remain tacky like fly paper until dry.

Because of this they require frequent and time-consuming reapplication, will water spot and are usually not recommended for working surfaces such as floors or counter tops or for use in water-sensitive areas.

While Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes contain a superior drying oil, namely Tung Oil, they are fully cooked varnishes, which dry quicker and form permanent films tough enough to walk on and take daily abuse. Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are also water and chemical resistant (alcohol and alkali).

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