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Thinning recommendations for Waterlox.

Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are formulated as penetrating oil finishes and are manufactured to be used as is or “no thinning required”; therefore we do NOT recommend thinning them.
Further, in some states, counties, districts, or townships, etc., with specific architectural coating rules, it may be illegal to thin our coatings. If you need to thin the product(s) for some reason, we advise checking with local authorities before doing so.
Do NOT thin, mix, clean brushes or applicator tools or wipe wood surfaces with products labeled as: "Low-VOC Mineral Spirits", "Green Mineral Spirits", "Low-VOC Multi-Purpose Solvents" or "Low-Odor Mineral Spirits". These types of solvents are not compatible with Waterlox Original products.
Many of these solvents/cleaners contain up to 50% water and surfactants and/or they are blends of VOC-compliant solvents and acetone. Acetone is not a suitable solvent with our products and any products with water will raise the grain of bare wood.
Look for product labels that read "100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent" or "100% petroleum distillates".

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